Inspirational speaker, Dee Hankins, is on a mission to share one powerful message: Resilience is Everything! Resilience: The ability to bounce back is what enables students to come out of challenging experiences with a positive attitude about themselves and their futures. 

After spending 18 years in foster care and watching his daughter battle brain cancer, Dee knows that life is full of unexpected events but our resilience can turn those experiences into an incredible life lesson. 

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Students will understand that they are not alone in their struggle.

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Students will not only begin to see how resilient they are but start to act on it by identifying the curve-balls in their life and ways to overcome them.

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Students start to think in a more positive way, taking responsibility for their actions, and focusing more on the positive.

Your story was breath taking. You inspired me to keep going even when life seems difficult. You helped me to open my eyes and see everything in a different way. I know longer feel alone in my struggles.
— Lizbeth, Ontario High School


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