The Dee Hankins Schoolebrity Basketball GamE

Every school Dee visits during his speaking tour has the opportunity to host a Dee Hankins Schoolebrity Basketball Game. This is an exhibition basketball game that pits your students and staff against Dee Hankins and friends (which may sometimes include celebrities, former or current athletes, musicians, artists, tv or youtube personalities, and other entertainers).


The Dee Hankins Schoolebrity Basketball Game is designed to help students and schools create change on campus and in their community through a friendly and competitive game of basketball. We empower students and teachers to come up with a cause on campus or in their community and give them an opportunity to make a positive impact. 


To use basketball as a tool to help those in need. Whether it be to create a scholarship for a student in foster care, raise awareness for a cause, or ,something as simple as, bringing canned food for a shelter, the Dee Hankins Schoolebrity Basketball Game gived students and teachers an entertaining way to make an impact on campus and in their communities.  With the Dee Hankins Schoolebrity Basketball Game, the possibility to create a positive change and bring people together is only limited by your imagination!


  • The game is played with standard High School basketball rules with variations according to school level. 
  • Games are played in four 10 minute quarters with a halftime period after the first two quarters of play.
  • The game clock does not stop while the play is not active except for timeouts and the Officials discretion
  • Overtime periods are two minutes in length with a running clock except for timeouts or the Officials discretion. 
  • Co-ed
  • The opposing team (Not Dee Hankin's Team) must have at least 2 girls on the court at all times.

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