Take a look around. Every person you come into contact with has dealt with, is dealing with, or will deal with some type of life-changing challenge. Often times, we feel our problems are insurmountable or that there isn't anyone who understands our situation and we lose hope. However! "If you can see me. If you can hear me. That means you're alive! And if you're alive, that means that life has given you another opportunity to be amazing!

 Dee inspires you not to lose hope and to focus on how resilient you are. He helps you develop in to a more resilient person by changing your perspective on failure. Dee accomplishes this by sharing his incredibly powerful story of resilience and his daughter's fight to beat cancer. 

Truly inspiring guy! His story almost made me cry! Dee offers hope for all who feel a sense of hopelessness.
— Lalyne L. - Monrovia Unified School District

As a master storyteller and a self-proclaimed "Wal-mart version of Kevin Hart" comedian, Dee Hankins will bring laughter, clarity, passion, and motivation to your audience. Inspiring them to be better, stronger, and more optimistic individuals. Dee is speaks from the heart because he believes that life's experiences are to be used to:

1. Change perspective.

2. Help people in need.

3. Help people be more understanding of themselves and those around them.

Dee will deliver a life changing story that will help you understand that Life Throws Curve-Balls but Even Curve-balls can be Hit for Home Runs!

Base Hits:

  • Clear definition of what resilience means and how to focus on it
  • Life and the curve-balls it will throw
  • How to become more a more resilient person
  • The importance of emotions and the dangers of hiding them
  • A message of you matter and what you are going though matters
  • A message of all things can work together for good
Overall his speech was amazing. He opened our eyes to see the truth and reality of life. His life story was a perfect demonstration that anything is possible, even if you came from the most roughest place.
— Melanie M.