College life can be some of the most challenging years for many of us. It is often the first time we are on our own and/or away from home, making it difficult when things start getting rough. As important as college is, it is often the first thing that gets dropped when life throws a curve-ball.

It's easy to become less and less motivated in college when life is bearing down on you.  Take it from Dee. He comes from a place where only 14% of students go to college and only 2% graduate. College life will be challenging but can be very rewarding at the same time when you focus on resilience. 

Dee Hankins shows students how to balance student life and real life in times of adversity so they can keep moving forward.  He also shares ways to avoid common pitfalls so that college can be as smooth as possible.  Dee shares his on and off campus experiences with students inspiring them to not lose hope and to focus on resilience.  He relays the messages of "you matter" and "you can make a difference in this world" by driving home one simple point; Life throws curve-balls but even curve-balls can be hit for home runs!

Dee made a significant impact on our students. He has a powerful, impactful, and inspirational story that delivers a message of resiliency and personal strength. He shared obstacles that he faced in life but emphasized that it is indeed possible to persevere and beat all odds.
— Maria Figueroa, Administrative Coordinator, California State University; Fullerton

As a master storyteller and a self-proclaimed "Wal-mart version of Kevin Hart" comedian, Dee Hankins will bring laughter, clarity, passion, and motivation to your students that that they can succeed in their lives.  Dee is speaks from the heart because he believes that life's experiences are to be used to:

1. Change perspective.

2. Help people in need.

3. Help people be more understanding of those around them

Dee will deliver a life changing story that will help you understand that Life Throws Curve-Balls but Even Curve-balls can be Hit for Home Runs!

Base Hits:

  • Clear definition of what resilience means and how to focus on it
  • You have potential
  • The dangers of falling into the state of hopelessness
  • The importance of emotions and the dangers of hiding them
  • A message of you matter and what you are going though matters
  • A message of all things can work together for good