Getting students from At-Risk to being at their best 

by showing students that their is a chance at a successful matter their background!

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At Best PRogram

At-risk development program for middle and high school levels

“At-Best” is a program specifically and uniquely designed for “At-Risk” students.

The program is intended to get those capable students to identify the importance of education and the life-long effect it has on each one of their goals, even if they may not be able to see it right now. “At-Best” also serves as
a vehicle to address the significant emotional, social, and sematic blockages that impact this particular
group of students with the goal of helping these students understand how doing well in school can help
their situation.

“At-Best” trains students how to ask for help, how to look for beneficial resources, the steps they need to reach their goals, and how to advocate for themselves in a professional manner. The goal is to increase academic performance, increase attendance, and increase classroom participation.

Why is "At Best" so effective?

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Dee Hankins was both “At-Risk” and “Honor Roll.” His ability to see life from both ends makes him very unique and powerful to students. He is able to relate to their struggles on campus and off campus. At the same time, Dee has the ability to literally show these students what they can become despite all of their challenges.

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understand a situation clearly will create change, especially with “At-Risk” students. Dee can help students get a clear understanding of the obstacles off campus that may be holding them back while cancelling out any notions of stupidity, inability, hopelessness.

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Follow Up

The “At-Best” program is HUGE on follow-up. Follow-up is the key to its success. Consistent presence and time investment in the lively hood of these students is a powerful agent for change. “At-Best” also creates avenues for teachers, administrators, student leaders, and parents to follow-up on the progress of their students and peers.

At-Best Program Levels

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one day program

For the administrator team who want to get those capable students to perform that are preventing the
school from getting to the next level.

Goal: Greatness Awareness

  • Students will learn how to reach out for help even though they may need it or not want it.
  • Students will get a six step process (Win Your Challenges) that shows them how to increase their grades.
  • Participants will increase productive student involvement.

One Class or School Assembly 

One Breakout Session (Up to an hour. 150 or less students)

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3 consecutive day Program

For the administrator team that wants to address the significant emotional, social, and behavorial blockages that impact a select group of students. Teachers need ways of following up and working with these students.

Goal: To Show students the way through or over any hardship and relaying the importance of education.

  • Includes  B-Better
  • Students will set academic goals and place them on a commitment board to follow for the rest of the year.

Up to 6 Breakout Sessions (Up to an hour. Up to 25 students at a time)

One Staff Development session (up to 1.5 hours)

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4 consecutive day Program

For the administrator team that wants more parent and student involvement. And want to build a better connection between school, student, and parent.

Goal: To get parents involved in the academic livelihood of their students.

  • Includes B-Better & B-Great
  • Enhanced parent interaction before disciplinary action.
  • Teach parents the six tools of parent success.
  • Teach parents how to be agents for the school at home.

One Parent Involvement night. (Up to an hour. Up to 150 Adults)

One Student Leader Support Breakout (Up to 2 hours)