Resilience in student's comes first and foremost from their supportive relationships with parents, teachers, caregivers, and other caring adults. When we can support our students during times of hardship, pain, and stress, we help them develop into more resilient adults. Divorce, foster care, abuse, and bullying are just a few curve-balls that get thrown their way that, often times, make school very hard to get through emotionally. Dee Hankins understands exactly where they are coming from. He gets on their level and tells their story leaving them  with a positive sense of themselves and their futures. He relates to them  in a special way and sends a very clear message, "No matter how hard life gets never give up!

Dee inspires you not to lose hope and to focus on how resilient you are. Dee accomplishes this by sharing his incredibly powerful story of resilience and his daughter's fight to beat cancer. 

The kids really enjoyed his message. They thought he was funny, they thought he was inspirational, but most of all, they were able to relate to him as a human being.
— M. Esquivel. - Link Crew Advisor Colton High Schoool

As a master storyteller and a self-proclaimed "Wal-mart version of Kevin Hart" comedian, Dee Hankins will bring laughter, clarity, passion, and motivation to your students so that they can succeed in their lives.  Dee speaks from the heart because he believes that life's experiences are to be used to:

1. Change perspective.

2. Help people in need.

3. Help people be more resilient by understanding themselves and those around them

Dee will deliver a life-changing story that will help your students understand that Life Throws Curve-Balls but Even Curve-balls can be Hit for Home Runs!

Base Hits:

  • Clear definition of what resilience means and how to focus on it
  • Key factors in building up resilience
  • The dangers of falling into the state of hopelessness
  • The importance of emotions and the dangers of hiding them
  • A message of you matter and what you are going though matters
  • A message of all things can work together for good
A lot of people were really inspired by Dee. I thought it was nice for him to come back and say hi to us, like a friend would.
— Student, Colton High School

At Risk Student Development

Dee Hankins "At Best" Program

“At-Best” is a ground breaking program specifically and uniquely designed for “At-Risk” students.  The program is intended to get those capable students to identify the importance of education and the life-long effect it has on each one of their goals, even if they may not be able to see it right now.

Dee works directly with your At-Risk students on campus for consecutive days. This program brings parents, teachers, and students together to give them the best chance at educational success.

The “At-Best” program was much needed on our campus. We identified 93 students with 3 or more F’s. After the “At-Best” program, within the next few weeks 35 of those 93 students were doing SO MUCH BETTER. I HIGHLY recommend the “At Best” Program.
— Jennifer Pfeffer, Activities Director, Arlington High School